Sachin Tendulkar Autobiography Playing It My Way

Sachin Tendulkar Autobiography Playing It My Way

Cricket Legend, Sachin Tendulkar released his much awaited autobiography, “Playing It My Way” on November 5th, 2014 in Mumbai, India. The book leads the readers through a chronological depiction of Sachin tendulkar’s life as a kid raised in the state of Maharashtra, India to his meteoric rise to arguably the best batsman of all time. Sachin talks about many incidents, both good and bad that were part of his international cricket career spanning 25 years. “I knew that if I agreed to write my story, I would have to be completely honest, as thats the way I have always played the game and that would mean talking about a number of things I have not addressed in public before. So here I am, at the end of my final innings, having taken that last walk back to the pavilion, ready to recount as many incidents as I can remember since first picking up a cricket bat as a child in Mumbai thirty-five years ago”, said Tendulkar about his new autobiography, “Playing My way.”

What Sachin Tendulkar says in his Book, “Playing It My Way”

Sachin gives an insight into his interactions with a few of cricket’s famous names in his new autobiography. Since “The Little Master” has been a very private and tight-lipped man throughout his career, his candid revelations in “Playing It My Way” provides for an interesting read.

Tendulkar talks of his displeasure with former Indian Coach, Greg Chappell, whom he refers to as a “ring master”, for allegedly trying to topple Rahul Dravid’s captaincy and also to push Indian stars to an early retirement.

The Monkeygate scandal involving Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh during India’s tour of Australia a few years ago is also discussed in the book. According to Sachin, Symonds had been sledging Harbhajan for a long time, when Harbhajan said to him in Hindi, “Teri maa ki… (meaning “your mother is…”), which Symonds interpreted as “Monkey.”

He also opens up about his family and includes some anecdotes about his kids like how his son cannot stand it when people criticize Tendulkar and once punched a classmate for saying that Sachin was responsible for India losing a match.

Sachin has been taking painful cortisone injections to combat a wrist injury for many years.

Tendular talks about facing fast bowlers like Imran Khan, Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram in his first ever international cricket match representing India, which was played against Pakistan. “It was baptism by fire. So much so that after my very first innings in Test cricket, during which I was all at sea against Wasim and Waqar, I began to doubt my ability to bat and question whether I was ever going to be good enough to play at international level,” said Sachin.

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